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Partnership Firm Registration

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Its registration is not compulsory under the Indian Partnership Act. Its registration can be done at the time of its formation or during the continuance of the partnership business. 
Though, it is always advisable to register the partnership firm to enjoys certain special rights and benefits as compared to the unregistered firms. The benefits are:

  • A partner can sue against any partner for enforcing his rights arising from a contract against the partner or the firm.
  • The firm can file a suit against any third party for enforcing a right from a contract.
  • The firm can claim set-off or other proceedings to enforce a right arising from a contract.
    Documents for Registration of Partnership
    The documents required are:
  • Application for registration of partnership
  • Certified original copy of Partnership Deed.
  • Specimen of an affidavit certifying all the details mentioned in the partnership deed and documents are right.
  • PAN Card and address proof of the partners.
  • Few proofs of principal place of business of the firm
  • If the registrar is satisfied with the documents, then he will register the firm in the Register of Firms and issue a Certificate of Registration.
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Enlistment of any business substance under the Partnership Firm Registration Law infers acquiring an extraordinary number from the concerned expense experts to gather charge for the public authority and to profit Input Tax Credit (ITC) for the duties paid on his internal supplies. Without Partnership Firm Registration, a person can neither collect tax from his customers nor claim any credit of tax paid by him. Partnership Firm Registration is required for all types of business.

The eligible person must file Partnership firm Registration application within 30 days from the date on which the entity became liable for the registration under GST law. Remember, specific state for Partnership Firm Registration are -Puducherry, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

The procedure of Partnership Firm Registration can be done online and offline both process and requires no special intervention. The process of getting Partnership Firm Registration is very important to avail the taxation benefits. You can do your Partnership Firm Registration via our company registration agent without any hassle. You just have to get ready with all your required documents, and we will help you in getting it done.

Partnership Firm Registration is done for two types of companies- for Proprietorship Firm and for PARTNERSHIP/ PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY. There is a list of documents, which are required for Partnership Firm Registration. These are-

  • PAN card of the owner / director or partner
  • PAN card of the company/ partnership
  • Aadhaar Card of the owner /director or partner
  • Photograph of the owner /director or partner
  • Electricity bill of the premises
  • Letter of Authorisation for signatory
  • Bank statement/ Cancelled Cheque
  • Partnership Deed/ Certificate of Incorporation
  • Letter of Authorization

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